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Eulogeny is a rogue-lite monster tamer with real-time 2D combat in the style of 8-bit games like Dragon Warrior Monsters and The Legend of Zelda. This demo release is fully functional, but contains a limited roster of 9 out of 50 of the Faeble monsters.

CONTROLS -- remappable in game. Includes Gamepad support.

  • Movement: WASD or arrow keys
  • Confirm: J or Z
  • Cancel: K or X
  • Attack & Skills: JKL or ZXC
  • Map: I or Space
  • Menu: H or Enter
  • Control first Faeble: N or Shift
  • Control second Faeble: ; or V

In the land of Anthologos, words have power. Logomancers wield this force to shape and remake new worlds that they contain in magical tomes. The fanciful creatures that inhabit these worlds, called Faebles, have long lived in harmony with their human interlopers. But a strange corrupting force has turned the Faebles violent, and tomes are being destroyed en masse to keep the creatures at bay. 

You play as a Logomancer trained in Eulogeny, the magic of remembrance. Your quest is to travel through these tomes before they are lost, and collect the stories of the Faebles therein. If the corrupting force cannot be quelled, then these stories will be all that will remain of the magical worlds of Anthologos.

In Eulogeny, you and two Faeble allies venture through procedurally generated dungeons, engaging in real-time 2D battles along the way.

As a Logomancer, your words are your power, and after defeating an enemy Faeble you can pause to make remembrance and learn their story. At any time you can eulogize two of these stories, incorporating their skills and stats into one of your allies and transforming it into one of 50 unique Faebles based on the family types of the three inputs.  

There is permadeath, with a twist. When you fall in battle, you are ejected from the dungeon, but you take with you the stories of your two ally Faebles. When you start a new quest, you bring these stories with you to strengthen your new team. That is, you can carry forward some of your last team's strength by using them as transformation ingredients for your new starting team. Smart Faeble transformations are key to building a strong team with synergistic abilities that can delve deeper into a world-tome, maybe even far enough to discover the force that threatens the land of Anthologos... 


.exe for Windows, or .love file you can run on any platform. Get LOVE here https://love2d.org/. This game version was built to run on LOVE 11.3 https://github.com/love2d/love/releases/tag/11.3


Eulogeny Demo 1.0 7 MB
Eulogeny Demo 1.0 (LOVE) 3 MB

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